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Read at Brooke Grove, March 26th 1888 to commemorate the
Quarter Centennial

H/11/1887 175
A brief History of the first Quarter
of a Century of the Sandy Spring
Horticultural Society
1863 ... 1888
By Mgt. B. Magruder

Francis Miller originated the Society:
he conceived the idea that it would be
the means of dispensing much pleasure
and improvement to those having a taste
for such pursuits; as he was devising
great enjoyment from the cultivation of
trees and plants, and in decorating with
flowers his home at Stanmore. He
requested Margaret H. Brooke to assist
him in forming such a Society and in
finding those who would like to join,
so as to make it a success.
A preliminary meeting was held at
Stanmore, 28th Feb. 1863. Those present,
beside our host, were; Eliza Brooke of
Brooke Grove: Henry C Hallowell,
Anna Roger & Granville Farquhar,
Ellen Farquhar & Margaret H. Brooke.
Henry C. Hallowell acted as foreman
and Ellen Farquhar as Secretary. It was
proposed to call the Society: "The Horticultural"
to have it composed of 12 members, to meet
on the last 7thday of every month from
March to November, - to call the meeting
to order, at 4 oclock P. M...Poultry

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