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176 H/11/1887 -2-

was to be included among the subjects for
discussion. Margaret H. Brooke brought
vegetable seeds for distribution. Eliza Brooke
of Brooke Grove invited the Society to meet
at this house on the 23d of March; where,
on a stormy afternoon six members met.
Francis Miller distributed flower seed.
Roger B. Farguhar acted as fore-man,
and a lively meeting followed. We decided
to appoint a fore-man at each meeting, and
a Secretary each year.

We held our next meeting at Olney
April 23, 1863. Our Membership consisted.
at this time of Mary B. Brooke,
Sarah B, Stabler, Sarah B, Farquhar,
Wm H. Farquhar D. A. Lea, Francis
Miller, Henry C. Hallowell, Anna Roger
and Granville Farquhar, Frances D. Stabler
Ellen Farquhar and M. H. Brooke.
Thomas P. Stabler was an honorary member,
and Chas. F. Kirk and Henry Miller were
invited to attend. May 23d we met at
"The Cedars." Hannah Stabler joined me at
this meeting. On June 27 we held our Meeting
at Sharon. July 25th at Falling Green
Aug 29th at Rockland. The Closing
meeting of 63, was at Stanmore in Sept.

We held our opening meeting at Olney
Mary B. Hall and Rachel Gilpin became
members. We decided that we would

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