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4th What is Pork worth?
Ans about 120 pr lb

5th What is the price for keeping a calf
Ans All say 75c pr mo.

6th hat is it worth to pasture work norses?
for the whole season when not at work?
Ans 6.00 (1) 5. (4) and $4.00 (5) pr month.

7th Is it best to plow for oats at once or wait.
Ans Advised to plow as soon as possibbe

8th Which is best to feed corn meal to hogs dry or wet with
cold water?
Ans It was thought best to use it dry.

9th What is the best feed for mulch Cows?
Ans Corn mea1 & bran mixed.

After partaking of a bountiful supper the most attractive
feature of which was a fine roasted porker we adjourned to
meet at W. S. Brookes Dec. 18th 1869
TJ Lea

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