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Nov 20th 1869

The club met at Falling Green. The afternoon
being very rainy & disagreeable we could
muster but ten, of our members, and but
few guests. Our walk was very short, extending
to a new granary erected since our last
visit, and to the hog pen, the hogs looked well
and ought to improve fast, if they always get
as much corn as on the present occasion.
Our host regretted not being able to show his colts
& young cattle, they were reported to be doing very
well. We saw a portion of the Wheat field
which appeard to be very badly washed. it was
sown before the heavy October rains, the grain
looked better than the average this season owing to
early sowing. Our host brought in Samples
of his leading crops, which was thought a very
good plan. His oats especially, was worthy
of note being raised from Pennsylvania seed
after a pleasant social Chat on various
subjects the following questions were asked
& answered.

1st What has been the most profitable crop during the last
2 years?
Ans. Hay.

2d E. P. Thomas wishes to know what to do
with his thin field
Ans. Generally advised to sow grass, either
with oats next spring or with Rye this fall.

3d What is it worth to winter a colt on hay alone
Ans $3.00 (5) $4. (1) $2.50 (2)

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