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Clear -

Ther. 60. Sunday, May 27th 1894 N.W Wind.

Beautiful day. "Prof Hall was here
again to see me. I went to meeting and
enjoyed a quiet meeting, except for
a few acceptable words from Friend
Elizabeth Thomas near the close of
the meeting. Afternoon Alice and
Fanny Peirce called. After supper I
walked up to Henderson's for Saturday's

Cloudy & Clearing

Ther. 58° Monday 28th VariableWind.

Cloudy early this a.m. but sun shone out
before 7 o'clk. I rode "Frank" horse over
to Fletcher Clark's shop & left him there
to be shod "all around". Frank Robison
brought him home and he & I ran
the cultivator through the potatoes,
& also through the unplanted part
of the garden. H & I planted 3 more
rows of Sweet corn. Cousin Hannah
Chandlee called. I walked up to the
store after dinner. Storms passed around
us both North & South, and looking very threatning
for us at one time, but gave us only a
shower & some high wind, after which it turned
quite cold - Hilles & Frank R worked their
corn & potatoes with our horse & cultivator.
I hoed all of our sweet corn ground. H also
did a great deal of work in the garden, the
ground being in good condition & fearing more wet

{Miss E Scott called at supper time.}

Ther. 42° Tuesday May 29th 1894. N.W. Wind.

Quite chilly this morning. Samuel
Wetherald was here early this morning to
ask what to do for a valuable setter dog
that seemed to have been poisoned with
strychnia. Frank cook was also here to
consult me in regard to his wife. Frank
Robison helped me "rub" over part of the garden
He & Hilles used Frank horse early this
morning to cultivate part of their lot where
they intend planting sweet potatoes. Edwd
did not come home to dinner until late having
taken Faith Farquhar home with Miss [Hasuanis?]
horse & buggy at her request. Afternoon
Hallie Bentley called. "Corrie" Sprigg's
called about dark broken out with "measles"
on her way "home" from Benj Miller's where
she has been at service.

Cloudy -
Ther. 52° Wednesday 30th S. Wind.

Frank Robison & I cultivated the
first planting of sweet corn. & I replanted
it. Afternoon I drove over to Riverside
to see Bro: Richd again. I took Harriet
with me & left her at Homewood until
I returned. Edwd & Frank Robison
put up porcelain insulators on E's
line of wires to the toll house. H
set out some cabbage plants from Jas:
Grady's. After supper I walked up
to the store & P.O.

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Line 57 - need clarification on Fanny's friend Miss [Hasuanis?] last name.

Line 60 - called about [Mark?] broken out with "measles". Is the name Mark or is the word dark?