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April 22d 1872

7. John Bell Dow, Whitby
8. Charles McKillop, Lanark
9. John Pringle, Galt
10. Alexander Hugh Scott, Charlottesburgh
11. James McArthur, East Williams
12. William Nesbitt Chambers, East Williams

Alex. McRae
to be reexamined

The Senate having found that Alexander
McRae, Lancaster, had the requisite
number of marks in all the departments
except mathematics, agreed, in accordance
with Regulation 47 to hold
him as having passed as an undergraduate
of the first year, provided he
pass the next matriculation examination
in mathematics.

2d year

Second year
1. Donald McIntyre, Kingston
2. John Inkerman MacCraken, Ottawa
3. George Gillies, Carleton Place
4. James I. Craig, Charlottesburgh
5. William John Gibson, Township of Kingston

3d year

Third year
1. William Arthur Lang, Almonte
2. William Donald, Seymour
3. Robert Shaw, Kingston
4. Peter C. McNee, Perth

4th year

Fourth year
1. Archibald Patterson Knight, Renfrew
2. Malcolm Macgillivray, Collingwood
3. James Cormack, Kingston

honour man

It was found that first class
honours had been obtained in mathematics
by William Mundell.

It was found that the University
Prizes in Arts had been gained

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