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April 3d 1872

[Day] [Hour] [First year] [Second year] [Third year] [Fourth year]
Wednesday 10th 9-12 Latin Chemistry metaphysics - lectures minerology
2-5 metaphysics - Hamilton
Friday 12th 9-12 English language Bible history Bible history
Saturday 13th 9-12 Greek prose do [ditto] do [ditto]
Tuesday 16th 9-12 mathematics Latin verse Greek verse Greek verse
2-5 mathematics Latin prose Greek prose Greek prose
Thursday 18th 9-12 mathem. Latin Latin
Friday 19th 9-12 Logic History
2-5 English Literature Bible history
Closed with the benediction.

W Snodgrass, D.D.

J.B. Mowat
April 22d 1872

Queen's University April 23d 1872

The Senate met and was constituted.

Sederunt Principal Snodgrass, Professors
Williamson, Mowat, Murray, Dupuis
and Ferguson.

The minutes of the meeting held on
the 3d instant were read and approved.

Arts Passmen

On a review of th written examinations
in Arts the Senate sustained the University
Examination of the following undergraduates
in Arts named in the order of merit

1st year

First year
1. William Mundell, Kingston
2. George Richard Webster, Lansdowne
3. Robert Walker Shannon, Kingston
4. John Herald, Dundas
5. Henry Amey Alselstine, Kingston
6. Archibald McMurchy, King

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