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[center] 1864-5[/center][right align]136[/right align]
[margin]Oct. 15th 1864[/margin]
have not been regular or punctual.

6. The weekday service shall begin at
[margin]a quarter of[/margin]quarter to nine o'clock, shall not exceed an
hour in length, and shall consist of (1) singing,
(2) reading the scripture, (3) prayer.

7. The Sabbath service shall begin at a
quarter to ten o'clock, shall not exceed an
hour in length, and shall consist of (1) singing,
(2) prayer, (3) reading the scriptures either
by the Professor presiding or by the students,
(4) exposition of the passage read and examinaton
upon it, or an address or lecture, (5)
singing, (6) prayer.

[margin]Church recommenda-[/margin]The Secretary was instructed to ascertain
[margin]tion[/margin]what recommendation can be provided
for the students in St. Andrews Church.

[margin]A.G. McBean, censor[/margin]The Senatus appointed Mr. McBean
to act as censor at morning service.

[margin]Applications from[/margin]Applications for the degree of M.A. from
[margin]Messrs. Cameron &[/margin]Rev. Charles Y. Cameron of Drummondville
[margin]Minor[/margin]and Mr. Silas Minor of Merrickville were
read, and were referred to Professors Murray
and Bell to report to next meeting.

On a review of their oral and written
examinations the following gentlemen were
[margin]10 students of 2d[/margin]allowed to matriculate, viz. as students of the
[margin]year nmatriculate[/margin]second year. John C. Cattanach, Francis
H. Crysler, Joseph Samuel Eakin, Morgan
Lane, Peter McLaren, Robert Chambers,
Nathan Fellowes Dupuis, Charles Frederick
Ireland, Peter Campbell McGregor, and
[margin]10 students of 3d year[/margin]David Niven; and as students of the third
[margin]matriculate[/margin]year, James Fraser, George Malloch, Alexander
G. McBean, Samuel McMorine, Robert
[right align]O'Louglin[/right align]

Notes and Questions

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Line 43 of transcription: "O'Louglin" is a catchword.


Line 6 of transcription: Professor Mowat inserts his initials (JBM) vertically through the marginal note of "a quarter of" as though to state his preference for that form rather than what is recorded as the text of the regulations.