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[margin]137[/margin][center 1864-5[/center]
[margin]Oct. 15th 1864[/margin]
O'Louglin, James M. Gray[sic], John McAlister, Donald
McKay, John S. Muckleston, and John
R. Thompson.

Closed with prayer
WSnodgrass, Principal[rigth align]J.B.Mowat
[right align]Secretary[/right align]

[margin]Nov. 11th 1864[/margin][right align]Queen's University November 11th 1864[/right align]

The Senatus met and was constituted.

Sederunt Principal Snodgrass, Professors
Williamson, Murray, Bell, and Mowat, and
Rev. J.H. McKerras Interim Professor of Classics.

The minutes of last meeting were read
and approved.

[margin]Messrs Cameron[/margin]Professors Murray and Bell reported
[margin]& Minor recom-[/margin]that having examined the diplomas and
[margin]mended for M.A.[/margin]certificates of Messrs. Cameron and Minor,
they considered these gentlemen well worthy
of receiving an ad eundem degree from this
University. The Senatus adopted the Report,
and agreed to recommend Rev. Charles Y.
Cameron, M.A. and Mr. Silas Minor, M.A.
to the Senate for the degree of Master of Arts.

[margin]S. McMorine cen-[/margin]The Senatus appointed Mr. Samuel McMorine
[margin]sor[/margin]to act as censor at morning prayers
instad of Mr. McBean, who was appointed
at last meeting, but had requested to be excused
from acting on account of the weakness of
his throat.

[margin]Further regulations[/margin]The Senatus adopted the following
[margin]anent morning service[/margin]plan of occasional assistance in the morning
service to be given, in accordance with Statute
109, by members being ministers or preachers
[right align]of[/right align]

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