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[margin]Oct. 11th 1864[/margin]
ulations for the religious service on Sabbath and
Weekday mornings, and also to procure roll-books
for the several classes.

Adjourned to meet on Saturday at
nine o'clock.

Closed with prayer.
WSnodgrass Principal [right align]JBMowat[/right align]
[right align]Secretary[/right align]

[margin]Oct. 15th 1864[/margin][right align]Queen's University October 15th 1864
The Senatus met according to adjournment
and was constituted by Professor Williamson
in the absence of the Principal.

Sederunt Professors Williamson, Murray,
Bell, and Mowat.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

[margin]Regulations a-[/margin]The following regulations respecting
[margin]nent morning service[/margin]morning service were adopted:

1. The service shall be attended
by the Professors as well as the students.

2. The Professor who conducts the
service may after previous notice ask one
of the other Professors present who are preachers
of the gospel to take part in it.

3. The Roll shall be called by
the censor at every service.

4. If a student enters after the Roll has been called he shall be marked

5. Every alternate Saturday after
service the censor shall give in a Report of
the preceding fortnight's attendance, and the
Professor present shall deal with those who
[right align]have[/right align]

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