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April 24th 1876

On a review of the written examinations in
Arts the Senate sustained the University examination
of the following undergraduates in Arts
named in the order of merit in each subject:


Junior Latin
1. Finlay M. McLennan
2. Matthew McKay
3. Hugh B. Walkem
4. M.M. Elmore
5. W. Stewart
6. R. Duff
7. W. Daly
8. T.A. Elliott
9. J. McCormack
10. G. McArthur
11. J.N. Chambers

Junior Greek
1. F.M. McLennan
2. M. McKay
3. H.B. Walkem
4. W. Daly
5. W. Stewart
6. T.A. Elliott
7. J. Awde
8. J. McCormack
9. G. McArthur

Junior mathematics
1. M. McKay
2. F.M. McLennan
3. W. Stewart
4. R. Duff
5. W. Daly
6. T.A. Elliott
7. J. McCormack
8. M.M. Elmore

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