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of the Indian agents (whose appointments are largely
political). The Catholic missions (the Oblates) are
magnificent. The Anglican church makes a poor showing
in comparison - little waifs of parsons with anaemic
provincial wives! The Mounties are everywhere magnificent.
I have seen wonderful scenery, for now we
have the Mackenzie Mts for company. The mosquitos
and flies have not been too bad, though we may find
them worse at Aklavik. We are well ahead of
our schedule, and, if the weather holds, should be at
Edmonton before the 12th. I should like to spend
2 days at Great Bear Lake for the fishing.

Everywhere I am given gifts. I have a vast
collection of Indian work, some of it very fine.
Everywhere, too, there are demands for you, and I
have had to promise to come again and bring

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