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Near Aklavik Aug : 1 : 37

My own precious one

A stray aeroplane last night brought your
beloved letter - also Joan's [ST: Mrs Pope] (for which I was most
grateful) - and one from Alice & Gran. We loved
your telegram about my "tomfoolery". It is an awful
business having a tame journalist on board who
sends to the press our humble doings, and the best
photographer in the U.S.A., who has already taken several
hundred pictures!

We are approaching the Polar Sea in lovely weather.
We have made a record for speed, but we left storms
behind us which hung up the mail aeroplanes.
I hope we get the same weather for our return
journey. It has been a wonderful voyage, and I have
really got to know something about the life of the North.
I have had at each post levées of H.B. people, trappers
Indians and Mounties. I am not satisfied with the quality

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Joan Pope was Susan Tweedsmuir's lady-in-waiting.


H.B. stands for Hudson Bay.