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the whole and that the report be taken up clause by clause

The Council went into Committee of the Whole

Ald Dupuis in the chair

The Council resumed
The Committee rose and the Chairman reported the
Report 761 read clause by clause and adopted as
amended by the following resolution

On motion of Ald Allen seconded by Ald Clements
Ordered, That all property be assessed except
Churches, School Houses, Hospitals and Graveyards

The Report was adopted as amended

Ald Gaskin moves seconded by Ald Fees
That seeing the position of City Commissioners
is abolished, this Council is of opinion that the duties
firmly done by said official should be done under the
superintendence of the Mayor by the several officials of
the City and that His Worship be requested to see that the
By Laws of the City carried out with the officials at his
command, namely the Chief of Police and his men and the
City Engineer.

In amendment 1st
Ald CF GIldersleeve moves seconded by Ald Harty
That the motion passed at the meeting of the Council
of which the present is an adjourned meeting, abolishing
the office of City Commissioner be reconsidered and that
the office of City Commissioner be retained with Allen
Chadwick as Commissioner at a salary of two hundred

In amendment 2nd
Ald Allen moves seconded by Ald Fee
That the Council do now adjourn - which
being put was lost - Yeas 8 Nays 10

Several members of the Council having here left the
Council Chamber - there being no quorum the
meeting adjourned.

M Flanagan, City Clerk
Robt J Carson, Mayor

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