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From W.H. Godwin by Ald Carson asking for remission of Rent of City Hall for one
evening having occupied for one evening only. Referred to the Committee on City Property.

From R.H. Elmer, by Ald Ryan Re: dog tax. Referred to the Court of Revision.

From F. Brown and 6 others by Ald Martin asking for removal of sidewalk
east side of Albert street.

On motion of Ald Martin seconded by Ald Drennan
Ordered That the petition of Mr F. Brown and others removal of walk Albert street
be referred to the Board of Works with power to Act.

The Clerk read a communication fro T.G. Marquis Secretary Public Library
of City asking for a grant of $200.00 for said Library.
Messrs Marquis and Crothers addressed the Council on the subject. Referred to the
Committee on Finance.

Ald Richardson from the Committee on Finance and Accounts brought
up Reports (Numbers 64, 65 Book H) which were read and adopted.

Ald Behan moves seconded by Ald Tait
That this Council is favorable to the extension of the Water Works System
to Stephen Street in order to furnish the people in that vicinity with water and that
this Council agree to pay a portion of the cost of the same providing the cost does not
exceed $55 per annum until such time so the revenue from that locality will
amount to 8% on the costs of the work - declared out of order.

On motion of Ald Behan seconded by Ald Tait
Ordered, That the Water Works Committee be empowered to pay out of the
surplus revenue of the Water Works Department the amount required to pay the City's
share of teh cost of the extension of the Water Works to Stephen Street.

The Chairman from the Court of Revision presented Report (Number 66 Book
H) Re taxes 1895 & 1896 Athletic Association grounds which was read and adopted.

On motion of Ald Richaradson seconded by Ald Drennan
Ordered That the Mayor and the following Aldermen Messrs Curtis,
Drennan, Behan, Hewton, Livingston be a Committee to look into the cost of maintaining
the Gaol and bring in a Report and recommendation for any changes that are
necessary to reduce the expense.

The Chairman from the Committee on Fire, Water and Light brought up
Report (Number 67 Book H) which was read.

Ald Martin moves seconded by Ald Newlands
That the report on Fire, Water and Light be received and adopted.
In amendment 1st
Ald Hewton moves seconded by Ald Minnes
That an Electric light be placed in City Park during the
summer months - declared out of order.
In amendment to amendment
Ald Drennan moves seconded by Ald Robinson
That we go into committee of the whole to dicuss report (Re contract
Fire, Water and Light and City which being put was carried and the first
amendment was lost.
The Council went into Committee of the Whole accordingly
Ald Livingston in the Chair
The Council resumed.

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