Monday, October 27, 1919


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Linda Tucker at Feb 27, 2009 08:11 PM

Monday, October 27, 1919

A beautiful day. Very warm.
Jim & Owen got up some corn
this morning. Ben milked
for me this morning and
carried me to Worshams pond.
Cordie Blair went with
me. We did not catch
any fish.

Mrs Edmonds & Carrie Smith
come to see Josie. I would
of liked to have seen them.

Ben went to Graves Moses
and got dog. He brought
her home on the car.

Mrs Booker come to the mail
box & Cordie and I was
there. I was glad to see
her for a few minutes. I
regard her as one of the
nobest [?] women that I know.

8 oclock

Monday, October 27, 1919