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(Mt. Airy, con.). 47

transit to “Belmont”, to our humiliation, - thus furnishing
another proof of incapacity and decrepitude.

S.J. M’s second offering was from “The Hollin
Magazine of 1911, an essay by her grand-daughter
Julia D. Thom upon “A Quaker Meeting”, beginning
“There is a spot I know which seems ever pervaded
with the Sabbath hush; and this peaceful place has
been the heart of a thriving community, carrying on
its various occupations briskly all around. On Sunday,
1st day, as they call it, there is an added quiet over
this hallowed spot, & the very glamour of the sunshine
seems shut out. To one who is a stranger to
the silent form of worship it may at first seem
irksome, but if he continue long in the way of
attending, he will come to love it as do those raised
in the faith.”

Helen B. Lea read by request, a letter from her
grandson, Paul Barstow, aged 10 yrs. He had decided
he wanted to become a farmer and have 100
acres, 50 horses and cows, 20 sheep, 20 pigs and 200
hens, - the whole plan very well expressed for such
an infant in agriculture. Helen told of the
children of Methuen schools raising vegetables
as one of their lessons and how much interest
was manifested.

Harriet I. Lea’s selection from “Success” was
upon “The Art of Letting Go” – “We held on to a great
many things last year which we should have let
go – shaken off entirely. In the first place we
should expel from our minds completely the
things which cannot be helped, - our past misfortunes,
the trivial occurrences which have mortified
or humiliated us. Thinking of them not only
does no good, but it robs us of our peace and
comfort. The art of forgetting is a great one
and we should learn it at any cost. We
want all we can get of sunshine, encouragement
and inspiration. Life is too short to dwell on
things which only hinder our growth.”

Estelle T. Moore kindly gave a most entertaining
acct. of her recent trip to Panama and
the South American Coast where she had an inspiring
view of The Andes. The vessel touched at
Kingston, Jamaica, a bustling city whose fruit

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