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Status: Complete

(Report to Federation, con.)

Greek Temple, and for a compulsory education
law, with the same success that has crowned
similar efforts in past years, so far as two of
these measures were concerned. Like one of
Dicken’s characters we “have formed and expressed
a variety of opinions” upon other subjects, -
the wanton destruction of shade trees along our
roads, by telephone and telegraph companies,
the uplift of our colored citizens and the
establishment of a tuberculosis camp.

All of which seed, sown by the wayside
may eventually bear fruit to be gathered by
the next generation.

Cordially yours,

Mary Bentley Thomas, Sec’y.
9-16-1913. Ednor, Md.

Mt. Airy. 11-9-1913

11-9-1913 found our Society holding its
696th session with Sarah T. Miller who
was accused of trying to prove to her all-
around daughter Rebecca that she was capable
herself of managing two large gatherings in
one week. Guests were Ella G. Willson, Margaret
B. Magruder, Hannah B. Stabler, Anabel
Page, Helen R. Shoemaker, Helen B. Lea, Mary
P. T. Jackson, Anna T. Nesbitt, Martha Vickers,
Pattie T. Farquhar, Eliz. Tatum, Fanny L. Dickinson,
Mrs. Baynes, Ethel McKaye, Mary Moore Thomas,
Eliz. I. Scott and Elizabeth Moore.

Eliz C. Davis and M. E. Gilpin reported an
interesting mtg. of the Co. Federation of Clubs, but
they both thought the time had come to condense
all reports of local clubs into one, as there are
28 such auxiliaries to be heard from now.

The Sec’y gave her long-enduring friends a
chance to elect a new officer in her stead, but as
some one frankly stated they still “preferred the ills
they had“ rather than “fly to those they knew not
of”, she consented to serve again.

Sarah T. Miller’s excellent sentiment was copied
of that we are sure, but must have been lost in

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