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Ohio University: therefore,
Resolved, That the Board of Trustees of Ohio University
in consideration of said action of the Board of Education
and its agreement to continue to furnish said pupils
will support and maintain, at its own cost , three
model schools in connection with said training school,
Which schools in [illegible] of pupils shall be of the
average size of the public schools of said Village, the
pupils for the three mode schools named to be
taken from the University School district, and of
such grade as may be mutually agreed upon
by the parties herein named
Alston. Ellis Special Committee
J. P. Wood Board Trustees
E. J. Jones Ohio University ."
On motion duly seconded said resolutions were
adopted by the Board.
President. Ellis returned
to the Board room and Mr. Hamblin vacated
the Chair ,and Pres Ellis occupied the same,
and in a neat and appropriate speech thanks
the [crossed out] Committee [end crossed out] [inserted] Board [end inserted] for its action taken in the matter
of the advancement of his salary
On motion duly seconded and adopted all absentees
from this meeting of the Board were excused.
On motion duly seconded and adopted the
Board adjourned without day.
Attest. L. M.Jewett
Secy- O. U.

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