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motion was duly seconded ,and vote being taken
was lost.
And thereupon a vote was taken upon the resolution
herein before copied of Mr Lene,and the yeas and nays
being demaneded , a call of the roll was had
resulting in the following vote to wit'
Yeas: Lowrey_ Jewett _ Hamblin_Lene_ Fenton_
Benson_ Coultrap_ Blackstone_ Foster_ Biddle.
and O Bleness -yeas- 11- Nayes: Jones Welch. Wood and
Douglas._ nayes. 4; and thereupon the Chair
declared that said resolution had been duly adopted
by the Board _
Mess. Ellis Wood and Jones presented to the Board
the following resolution to wit:
"Whereas the Board of
Education of the Village of Athens,Ohio, has agreed to
pay one thousand dollars ($1.000.00) per year towards the
support and maintenance of the Carnegie Library,
located on the Ohio University campus : therefore :
Be it resolved by the Board of
Trustees of Ohio University , that said Carnegie
Library shall be open to all connected with the
public schools of said Village of Athens ,and to all
citizens thereof , at such times,and under such
regulations as may be designated by said Board of Trustees
of Ohio University or its representatives _
Resolved. That two person to be named by the
Board of Education of the Village of Athens Ohio
will be permitted to act as advisory members of the
Faculty Committee on Library on all questions of
library administration within the purview of said
Committee - Whereas, the Board of Education of the
Village of Athens , Ohio at the request of the
Board of Trustees of the Ohio University has caused to be
set off a portion of school territory in said Village,
known as the University School district , with a view of
furnishing certain grades of pupils resid in therein
for the Training School of the State Normal [crossed out] School [end crossed out] [inserted] college [end inserted] of

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