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-Office of the Board of Trustees
of the Ohio University
Athens Ohio June 13th 1905.
[inserted] Annual
1905 [end inserted] An annual meeting of the Board of Trustees was
held this day at the hour above named at its office
in Ewing Hall in Athens Ohio, after due and legal
notice had been given in writing by the Secretary
to all of the members of the Board - President
Alston.Ellis in the Chair. A call of the roll showed
the following members of the Board to be present.
Alston.Ellis . V. C. Lowry - R. E. Hamblin LM Jewett
C. C. Davidson. _ A. Lene. L.J. Fenton . J.E Benson
E. J.Jones. J. M Welch F.C. Whiley. H. W. Coultrap
Thomas. Blackstone_I. M Foster - T. R Biddle and
Henry. O' Bleness,being a legal quorum of said Board
nine members thereof constituting a quorum under
the laws of Ohio.
[inserted] Approval
of Minutes [end inserted] The Secretary read to the Board
the minutes of the Board at its Annual Meeting
held June 13 . 1904 and at its called meeting held
July 28 1904 and Major. Welch moved that said
minutes be corrected at Page 211 by striking from
[inserted] Correction
of Minutes [end inserted] the resolutions there copied the following language to wit
" and that of said Committee [?on?] special Board,
two members shall be chosen by the Board of
Education of said Village";
which motion was duly
seconded and adopted by the Board, and on
motion duly seconded the rest and residue of the
minutes of this Board were duly ratifiedapproved
and confirmed by the Board.
[inserted] Tablet [end inserted] Maj. Welch discussed the resolution adopted by
the [inserted] Board [end inserted] at its June Session 1904 as to the erection
of the tablet upon the old Academy site of the
Ohio University (page 197 of this record) ,and moved
that Messrs Jones. Jewett and O' Bleness be
added to the Committee called for by said resolution
which motion was duly seconded and unanimously

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