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Thereupon Maj. Welch offered the following
resolution to wit:
"Resolved that a department of
Civil and Mining Engineering be established in
the Ohio University , and be opened for the
admission of pupils at the fall term 1904 , that
the Committee on Teachers and Salaries are herby directed
to employ a compentent teacher to take charge
of said department , and an assistant therein
when in their judgment one will be
needed , to fix salary of such teachers and determine
upon a course of study therein with full power
to purchase such instruments apparatus and supplies
[inserted] Department
of Civil and
Engineering [end inserted] as may be needed for said department" and
moved its adoption which motion was duly
seconded , and the yeas and nays being demanded
a call of the roll was had resulting in the
following vote to wit: Yeas- Ellis. Lowry- Jewett - Hamblin
Davidson- Lene- Benson- Fenton - Welch- Wood.
Whiley- Coultrap-Blackstone-Foster-Biddle
and O' Bleness- yeas-16- nays none being the
unanimous vote of all the members of the Board
present at this meeting ,and being a legal quorum
thereof, and thereupon the Chair declared that said
resolutions had been unanimously adopted by the Board,
and that said Chair of "Civil and Mining Engineering'
had been duly creted as prayed for in said
resolution -
[inserted] Forrestry [end inserted] Prof. Lene moved that [crossed out] [illegible] [end crossed out] a Chair of
Forrestry be also established in Connection with
the Chair of " Civil and Mining Engineering", and
upon the suggestion that such a chair had
already been established by the Board no further
action was taken upon said motion
[inserted] Athletics [end inserted] The Secretary here read to the
Board a petition extensively signed by the students
of the Ohio University praying the Board to select
an Athletic Director for the ensuing year. [crossed out] On motion [end crossed out]

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