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On motion of Mr Fenton duly seconded and
and adopted, said petition was referred to the
Committee on teachers and salaries with full power
and authority to act in the premices
[inserted] Resolution
as to first
of the O.U [end inserted] May. Welch read to the
Board the following resolution to wit:
"Whereas the first
building , a small two story brick structure
knows as the " Academy" erected on the University
grounds by the Board of Trustees in 1807 ,as the
modest beginning of the Ohio University , has
long since disappeared ; and
Whereas , it was in this unpretentious building
where the Hon. Thomas Ewing one of the first two
graduates of the University , received his college
Education , and from which he graduated in 1815.and
whereas his subsequent distinguished career is well
known , and is identified not only with the history of Ohio,
but with that of the nation. Therefore :
Be it Resolved, by the Board of Trustees , that there be
erected a suitable tablet , marking the site of such
building , with an appropriate inscription carved
thereon, commemorating such facts .
Resolved further that the sum of ($100.00) one
hundred dollars, or such part thereof as may be
necessary be, and hereby is, appropriated to pay the
cost of such tablet , and that a committee of three
membrs of this Board be appointed by the
President to .Carry out the foregoing resolutions"
and moved their adoption which motion was
duly seconded and unanimouly adopted by the
[inserted] Committee [end inserted] Board, and thereupon the Chair appointed Messrs
Welch- Foster and Biddle as the Committee call for
by said resolution,
Mess Davidson Fenton and Whiley
the Auditing Committee of the books and accounts of
the Auditor and Treasurer of the Ohio University
read to the board the following report to wit:

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