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College of Music of the Ohio University for the ensuing
year, and a leave of absence was granted to
Prof. McVey for the ensuing college year without salary
said motion having been duly seconded was unanimously
adopted by the Board.
[inserted] Election of
and leave
of absence [end inserted] On motion of JM Welch duly seconded and adopted
C.G Mathews was elected to his former position
for the ensuing year , [inserted] as Librarian [end inserted] and he was granted a leave
of absence for the ensuing year without salary
The Secretary here read
to the Board the following petition to wit:
"To the President
and Trustees of the Ohio University"
Honored Gentlemen
We the
[inserted] Petition
on Civil
and Mining
Engineering [end inserted] undersigned member of the Alumni of the
Ohio University , ex- students and friends do most
respectfully request your honorable body to establish
a department of "Civil and Mining Engineering"
among the courses in the University under an
appropriate title therefor , and we most sincerely urge
that the same be done at the earliest date
consistent with fore thought.
We make this request because we are in a
mining region that offers spendid opportunities
for the student to get the practical work in the
[?department?], and for the further reason that it will
be a department that will [?peculiarly?] appeal to
a large portion of our people who are engaged
in Mining, and will broaden the purpose of the
Institution , and bring it closer to our people
in Sentiment and appreciation of the work being
done in the institution
A. E Price - C H Grosvenor
H. G. Stalder C H. Bryson
F. W. Bush - [?L?] L Morgan
D. H. Biddle. J. D. Brown.
[?Minnie?] Cuckler D. H. Moore
and many other signers

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