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Basel: Bernhard Richel ? after 10 March 1476.
Goff F-296
Probably an unauthorized edition of htis
quodlibetal discussion on the Confraternity of the
Rosary, founded at Cologne in 1475 by the Bominican
Grand Inquisitor Jacob Sprenger (d. 1495) + the
Dominicans did much to propagate the devotion.
The 1st authorized ed. appeared in Cologne, 1480
(Goff F-297) + apparently refers to this ed.
i.e. F-296 in the preface (see BMC + G.W.)
Several works on the confraternity appeared in
Basel at this time, + it was specially
privileged by Sixtus IV.

Arnold Her Hoernen: 1470?-1482 (died 1484)
- His printer's device, a minute shield bearing
the initials of Ther Hoernen + his mark is
probably the smallest printer's device ever used.
- Successor of A. Ther Hoernen (Theodoricus or
Conrad Welker of Bopard) - printer at Cologne
between 1485+1490.

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