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McMinnville, Oregon
Sept. '01

MSS on vellum in Latin
See #497 #643 Flemish c. 1450 8 3/4 x 12 3/4"

- 27 lines in a single column, written in dark
brown ink in a large Gothic script with red
rubrics + capitals touched with yellow.
Ruling - single bounding lines + horizontals
with first + second lines extending to the edge
of the folio. Script is below the top line.
Both "at" in full as well as the crossed tironiar
form. Forking at teh heads of ascenders.
The number 64 written in light brown ink
on upper left corner of verso. Marked 50-49
in pencil on lower right corner of rect.
-Luke 23:10 - 23 % 40.

Within the Passion narrative may be found the letters
c and s as well as a cross, which indicate
the parts to be spoken by different persons
in a dramatic liturgical dialogue. The cross
indicates the parts for the representative of
Christ (designated by a t in some MSS)
The c identifies the parts of the narrator (cito)
and the S the parts for the disciples + the
crowd (sursum or sonoriter)

- passio dni nostri ihu xpi Sed'm lucam.
- In a Missal appears the passion story
as given by Matthew, Mark, Luke + John
(each displaying the letters c, s, and a cross.)

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