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Charles W. Traylen 395
Sept. '93
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Bible . English (Great Bible)
London : Thomas Petyt & Roberte redman , 1540 (April)
Ref : S.T.C. 2069 , Herbert 52 (29)\ for Thomas Berthelet. f.o
Cop : Am. Bible Soc. Bon , Bod , NYPubL. Bible House
Camb Univ Lib. 61 PML HHhF.V.
New. T. / The Actes ... Of the Apostles. fa. lxj Capi xx1 & xxxii
A reprint (dated April 1540) in smaller size of the Great
Bible of 1539 some corrections & revision. (287 x 197 mm.)
Black letter . 2 col. 57 lines to the full column. 556 ff.
words not found in the original are printed in Roman
type. Np subject headings in the headlines after I Esdras.
References , pointing lands etc. in the margins , as in
the 1539 ed.
The woodcut border to the general & N.T. titles is the
same as that used for the title of the Coverdale Bible
of 1535, except that the legends here are in Latin instead of
in English. No other woodcuts occur except a few
ornaments & large initials.
The text divided into 3 parts 1) Genesis - Job ff.
j to ccxiiil (dd8) 2) Psalms - Malachi & Apocrypha
ff. 1 to CCxxvij (really 226, Fff6 3) N.T. ffij to Cij (really
110 , NNn6) (AAa)
( - extra sheet HHhF8 before HHh.)
It appears from its unusual signature & duplicated
foliation (57 - 64) that one sheet (containing Acts XIII to
end) had been at 1st accidently omitted in printing
the N. T.

Thomas Petyt - put out 42 works of which 25 were of a
religious nature.
S.T.C. 2070 Herbert 53 fo (337 x 233) BL 2nd ed (April 1540) of the Great
Bible , the earliest containing Crammer's Prologue , 62 lines.

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