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Sept. '93.
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Bible . English. (Mathew's Bible)
London : John Daye & William Seres , 1549. fo
Ref : STC 2077 , Herbert 74, D. & M. 47 Aug. 17
Cop : HEHL , Bancroft , NYP Lib , PML

Text dividedinto 5 parts. Black letter. 2 col. 65 lines
A reprint of Mathew's Bible of 1537.
Ed. by Edmund Becke.
2nd version of the English Bible , edited by John Rogers
who wrote under the pseudonym of T. Mathew.

The prophecye of Jeremye. Fol. xciiij
The x\v111 chapter DDiiij

The 4th ed. of Mathew's version
The numberings of the leaves is often incorrect.
Abbreviations are frequest Se (see) ma (man) fro (from)
- a close reprint of the "Mathew Bible" of 1537 - the notes,
etc. revised by E. Becke.
small woodcut opens each book.
Jeremye - begins folio |xx111
ends " xcv11
John Daye dwelling at Aldergate & William Seres
dwelling at Peter Colledge

The large number of Bibles printed during the 16th C confirm
that far more people than ever before could both read &
own books.
The royal licence was procured , not only for Mathew's Bible [inserted](1537)[end inserted]
but also for the 2nd 1537 ed. of Coverdale's Bible. So
now 2 versions of the Bible in English were circulating
freely in England, by formal & avowed permission
of the king, in the year after Tyndale's death.

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