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Krown & Spellman 361
SF Book Fair
Feb '93
Book of Gospels for Church use. Luke 18 2 - 18 14 - Parable of the Pharisee
and the Publican.
Old Church Slavonic
Printed - Lithuania about 1690.
(29.5 x 19 cm)16 lines, red & black ink. Woodcut [insert]or copper engraving[end insert](7 X 5.5cm.)
Catchwords, Slavonic charachters; these types are the
ecclesiastical 's'(Taukovni) characters which are the
ancient forms of the Cyrillic characters which were
introduced by Peter the Great. Printed in red & black.
[inserted]See Magg2 Cat.1125 #150[end inserted]
- Church Slavonic in Cyrillic character.
(Luke) Luke 18:10 Two men-
Mathew Mark
Slavonic - 3 main recensions , Bulgarian, Seavian &
Russian in Eclesiastical Slavonic.
1) Eastern - Russian Great Russian
White Russian
Little Russian
2) Southern - Bulgarian
Subo Croation.
3) Western - Bohemian
D & Moule
Bibles - Editions are printed in Slavonic character
i.e. in the Ecclesiastical ('Tserkovni') character which is
The ancient form of the Cyrillic character. Some ed.
are in Glagolitic, or Russian character.
The ancient Slavonic version represents one of the earliest
attempts in Europe to translate the Bible into the
Vernacular tongue of the people.
#8367 1512 (The Gospels) The 1st ed. in Slavonic. Tirgoviste
(in Wallachia) painted by Hieromonachos Makarios.
folio, 20 lines - as in many other ecclesiastical ed., red
ink is used as well as black.
#8370 1581 - The 1st ed. of the Biblo in Slavanio.
1580 - 1st Slavonic New Testament.
17 & 18th C. Gospels printed at : Lemberg, Moscow, Kiev &
St. Petersburg.

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I was not sure how to handle the Slavonic characters.