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Holinshed did not work alone - the 1st section "The Description
of England" is by William Harrison [inserted](1534-1593) (252 pages)- far & away
the most original thing in the Chronicles , it is not necessarily
the most valuable.
"The History of England" (289 pages) covering England from
creation to the Norman conquest - this is the first of
Holinshed's own words in the book.
The English history picks up again later & fills "The Last
Vol. of the Chronicles."
The 1577 version lost only 2 passages to censorship.
both in the last years of the Irish history. The excisions
from the 1587 Chronicles are more extensive.

Raphael Holinshed [Vol 1] 1577 The firste vol. of the chronicles of
England, Scotland & Ireland (Ireland 1509-47 by R. Stanghurst)
3 pts. [Vol II.] The laste vol. of chronicles. folio.[H. Bynneman] f. J. Harrison or Harison [1577]
13568.5 a varient f. L. Harrison or Harison (1577)
13568a " f. G. Bishop (1577)
b " f. J. Hunne (1577) 2 Vol. f. 661, 820, folding maps
f Edinburgh (Pforzheimer, 494. [inserted]11 5/8 x 7 3/4")Huth Cat II, 710.
History of Scotland - 518 pages . Irish section - the shortist.
woodcuts - for the most part all the pictures show
Elizabethan people in Eliz. clothes, using Eliz.
armaments & utensils in Eliz. settings.
-"This 1st ed is of great importance not only because the illust.
were omitted in the 2nd but also because of the varient
texts" (Jackson).
- Some woodcuts used to illustrate 11 centuries of ecclesiatic
& civil councils
- Albion - an etymological creation by which Pliny's
name for England was explained.

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