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May 76
Paris - P. Proute
25F = $5.40

(calendrier de 1528 à 1548.)

Horac (Heures à l'usage de Paris) Oct. 22, 1537
Simon du Bois - imprimeur for Geofroy Tory his 3rd Latin book of Hours (1525-31)
of Bourges (c 1480-1533)
In - 4* Gothic Fig. en noir. (i iii)
140 feuillets en 18 cahiers signés a - r per 8 ct s par 4.

# 364 (Z 7838 H6L2) Paul Lacombe - Livres d'heures - au 15 et 16 C
Dibdin, Bibliographical Decameron, t. I. p94-98. Fairfax Murray 279 2
plate 7 (Gunst Ref Z 144. J 67) A.F. Johnson - French 16th C, Printing
plate XXVI (Z 305B7) R. Brun - Le XVIe Siecle Bohatta 330
p. 60 (Z 5948 M6 L53f.) plate 59 - ed. A. Lejard The Art of the French Book
Heurres de Paris - 1527 -Gothic text printed in black + red (original size)
(Gunst NE 1030 H55) A. Hind -History of Woodcuts. p. 698 1
collation: a-r8, s4; 140 leaves, unnumbered.

1 the edition of the 22 Oct 1527, printed for G. Tory by Simon
du Bois, is broader in its line, + certainly printed from wood.
Moreover, in this later Book of hours he preserves a thoroughly French
flavor in th eborder designs, with their isolated birds + flowers,
in the manner of illumination of the school of Jean Bourdichon.

edition of 1523/6 -> Roman type Almanac for 1528-48

2 The Book of Hours printed in 1527 by Simon du Bois for Tory contains the borders described as a la moderne. The decoration consists of
realistic representations of flowers, fruits, + animals, + thus is
nearer to teh usual gothic style. The background however is white
+ the illustrations are in Troy's style. These hours of 1527 are
printed in "letters batardes." This is a reversal of the changes
which had already taken place in the printing of Hours.
As early as 1504 Thielman Kerver had issued an edition
with the traditional style of decoration, but in roman type.
The Lorraine cross does appear to have been used by
Troy as a signature.

many splendid examples of gothic printing exist which were produced
at Paris about a year 1530 - for example, by Simon Du Bois, who
afterwards printed at Alecon.
- In addition to this work (Hours of 1525) Simon de Colines for G. Tory there are four

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