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Jean Geiler - b. Schaffhaussen, Switz. March 16, 1445.
d. Strasburg March 10, 1510. [with] his teacher, John
Heynlin he belonged to a group of early German
humanists. In his theological inspiration he was chiefly
dependent upon J. Gerson. He preached [with] great acclaim
a series of sermons that had the Narenschiff of his
friend S. Brant for their theme. His sermons are an
important source of knowledge of the speech, customs
& beliefs of the common people of the beginning of
the 16th C. Few of the sermons that have been
published under his name came directly from his pen;
most of them were taken down be others & later

Copy: Colmar - Series I M 6078 (5th leaf of the book.)
des Advents III -> IX.
Cr. von Kaiserberg was one of the most outspoken preachers of his
times & is hailed as a farerunner of the Reformation. He was one of
the 1st to make radical demands for moral reform stressing inner spirituality
rather than conformity to lithurgical practice. Rome was so displeased
[with] the content of his sermons that in Class I of the Roman Index
published by Paul IV in 1559, all of Geiler's works were

G. von Kaiserberg was closely connected [with] those humanists of Strasburg
of whom the leader was Jacob of Wimpheling (1450-1528). Like Wimpheling
Geiler was a secular priest; both fought the ecclesiastical abuses of the age.
The scene of Wimpheling's fruitful labours was the school, that of Geiler's
the pulpit...At a very early date his addresses were taken down by
others & published.

Ritter #1099 In-fol. car. goth. 1st Part XXXIII ff. ch. 1f. blanc. 331ff.
2nd part CXVII ff. ch. 28 ff. non ch.
3rd Part CIX ff. ch. 1f. non ch.
4th Part XXXXI ff. ch. 1 blanc
notes, marg. init G, nombreuses grav.

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