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other editions of Horac issued during Tory's lifetime [with] illustrations
similar to those of the first edition -> 1 one of 1527
(Oct. 21) in 8 vo printed by Colines; *2 one in 4 to of the same (Oct. 22)
year [with] borders "à la moderne," printed by S. Du Bois;
3 a third in 16 mo of 1529 (1530 modern style) possibly
printed by Tory himself, and a 4th, a reprint of the
1st edition [with] some new designs.

His finest creations are the Book of Hours of 1527 & the following years.

Geisburg Geoffroy Tory (c 1480-1533) created a new style in Books of Hours [with]
that which he designed in 1525 & which was printed by Simon
de Colines. In this the decorative element predominates rather
than religious inspiration. Tory became a licensed printer in
1529, & the 1st book from his press was a 16 mo Book of Hours
date 8 Feb. of that year. In 1531 Oliver Mallard took over
the printing house of Tory, who died 2 years later.
1531- At Paris, Gilles de Gourmont printed the Champ Fleury
of G. Troy. The work is in a treatise, part mythological & part
geometrical, upon the proportions of the inscriptional lettering
of ancient Rome. The figures in Champ Fleury are the work
of Tory himself, though we do not know whether he engraved
them. Although he illustrated comparatively few books, Tory
had a great influence on the French school of engraving.

p. 277 Short title Cat. French Z272 B 86 Liturguis - Hours - Paris
Gothic letter. A pud. G. Torinu; S. Du Bois printer.:
parrdisiis, C. 27 h. 17. 22 Oct. 1527 4 0
in Latin imprints where the surname is in an
oblique case, a phrase is necessary.
George Clutton, Simon du Bois of Paris + Alemcon
Gutenberg Jahrbuch (1937) pp 124-130

- A. Cabrol The Books of the Latin Liturgy - London 1932

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