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Jan. 2

1931. Lorene goes home. Got a letter from Cosby. and a card from Mr. & Mrs. Ed Graham.

1932. studied for my Physics final some today. Mr. Conley & also Mr. Hartman came over a little while tonight.

1933. Mother & I washed this morning and we went to see Mrs. Utley this afternoon, she is some better. We went by Mrs. Melton's and she went with us to see Mrs. Utley.

1934. I cleaned up the house, got dinner and ironed some today. John Marion came tonight. John Marion, Dock, Rex and I played rook tonight.

1935. I ironed some, churned, got dinner & supper. Rex went to town today to the tobacco sale. I have been nearly sick today with a cold. John Marion came tonight. Dock, John Marion, Rex & I played rook. I got a letter from Christian [?].

Jan. 3

1931. Mother & myself went to see Miss. Emma. Ruby Allen & myself went to see Lorene & Mrs. Johnson a little while.

1932. Stayed at home all day. Mrs. Conley came a little while this morning. Cosby came this afternoon.

1933. Mr. & Mrs. Gene Melton spent the day with us and we killed hogs. I ironed some today and we ground sausage tonight.

1934. I cleaned up the house, got dinner and ironed some this morning. I have been mending some this afternoon. Loyd came this afternoon. Rex and I played Rummy tonight.

1935. I finished ironing, got dinner & supper and patched some. I wrote a letter to Mother today. My cold is some better.

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