Susan B. Anthony Papers, 1815-1961. Diaries. 1853-1856, with scattered later entries, most n.d. A-143, folder 8. Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.



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or free. Such is the baneful effect of Slavery upon labor.

The free blacks who receive wages, expect to do no more work than do the Slaves, Slave labor is the Standard - & it need but a glance at Southern life, to enable an Abolitionist to understand, why it is that the Northern man is a more exacting Slave master than is a Southern one - he requires of the Slave an amount of labor equal to that he has been accustomed to get from the well paid northern free laborers, vain requisition that,

April 1st Baltimore.

Retired early last night & had most an excellent sleep all alone.

Dr. Snodgrass called this A. M. & accompanied me to engage the Temple on North Gay Street, & get a notice inserted in the 8 Baltimore papers. The "Sun" Office looks stately like a rich northern one.

In the Office of the Clipper Times is established a reading room of

[25] [/54]

Southern Papers mostly.

The Dr. is very kind indeed, we went to the Depot, but the train had been in some minutes. I feared Mrs. R. was on board & would make a fruitless search for me. I did not as agreed leave my plan of stopping with Mrs. Snodgrass -

This noon the table waiters seemed to be missing, Mrs. Waters called John, Sarah Henrietta, but none came, Hena came but did not seem inclined to obey, & it was only after a very decided command that she did the work desired.

Mrs. Rose arrived at half past five, this P.M. rained hard. She gave a very flattering account of the meeting of the Columbian Tire Com pany, before which she spoke last evening, had a full house notwithstanding the rain, Mrs. Pendleton has indeed done a glorious working, in lifting up that neglected class & causing

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them to assert their manhood, this company have a fine Library, nearly of which was presented by Mrs. P. the other half obtained by her efforts among her friends. they have also a lecture room, where they meet one evening of every week & listen to a lecture, Mrs. interests herself in getting different persons to address them -

It is indeed a wonderful exception, that a woman of fasion, flattered by men too of high position, should stoop as it were from her airy nothings & really perform a practical good for the lowly & neglected. It shows that what is most wanted, is to get the mind drawn off from the frivolous & centred upon the true & the right.

April 2. Baltimore _ Went to Friends Meeting with Dr. Snodgrass, heard a sermon from Samuel Townsend of this City, with regard to the Divinity of Christ & the inspiration of the Scriptures. __

After dinner the Dr.


[April 3/ 54]

called for us & we accompanied him to his home ?105 N. High St. found Mrs. S. a noble woman in appearance, like her very much, seems possessed of good common sense, a rare possession that.

April 3d

A little colored boy came into our room with Sarah, the Chambermaid, said Mrs. R. whose boy is that Sarah, he belongs to Mrs. Waters, Miss. Where is his mother, she is Cook in the kitchen Miss, where is his Father? On the East ern Shore, Miss, is he a Slave? Yes Miss. Does he come to see his wife? No, Miss, not since my mistress moved to the City. Has the Cook any more children yes, Miss, two more little boys younger than this. __ Oh, how did my blood run chill.

Before this, I said to Sarah, are you free Sarah? No, Miss! Do you belong to Mrs. Waters? No Miss, she hires me of my master for $8. per month. And don't you get any portion of it? No Miss, only my master gives me my

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clothes. Does he keep you well clothed? Sometimes Miss & sometimes I gets short & don't you have any pocket money of your own? Yes, Miss what the ladies gives me. Sarah is a bright girl, fine expression of face, Oh how I long to probe her soul in search of that Divine spark that scorns to be a slave, but then would it be right for me by so doing to add to the burden of her wretched life.

Apr. 21

Mrs. Rose meeting small sold only about 54 tickets some 60 free tickets present.

The people are so afraid, that something will be said on Slavery that they will not countenance the meeting, & more than that, there is at the bottom, a sad want of intelligence, Science & Literature have no charms for them, any more than the Reforms.

Invited to tea at Mr. Edward Needles this evening, an old acquaintance of Mrs. Rose. they

[29] [April 4 - 54]

are friends, of the come outer school, Mrs. N. a thorough believer in Spiritualism. They called for us in a Carriage about 3 P.M., & took us sight seeing. Rode to Monu ment Square on W. Calvert St. where stands the Monument erected by the State of Mary land, to the memory of Washin ton. Hence to Green Mount Cemetery, the Cemetery is very beautiful & expensively decora ted - the vaults are made in sloping side of hills, & arranged like cases of drawers, & had a more cheerful aspect than the old fashioned ones.

We then went to the "Aged Women's Home" a very fine building, we went through the establishment it is calculated to accommodate 36 it is intended for aged women, who have been kept alone & destitute, each is required to have $100, an entering the work is done by the inmates, all is most perfect order & neatness - the inmates can go

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out when they please & return the same - also receive visits from their friends. on last evening there was a concert given by one of the Schools of this City for the Benefit of this school some $400 were the net proceeds.

This Home is indeed a blest one, for those aged women who have seen better days, here they bide, can busy themselves as they choose, though each when well, has her regular work allotted her for certain hours of the day. -

from the home we visited the grounds of a Mr. [??], son of a very wealthy man, he has recently visited Europe, & his house & grounds are fitted up after European style - Oranges & Lemons were hanging on the trees in the hot house in front of his house.

On the Boudoir windows were beautiful blooming plants - in the Hot house were every description of flowers in bloom - In the yard were beautiful Arbors, fountains & Statuary -


April / 54

from this beautiful home, so far as luxury & taste were concerned we went to the neat & quiet home of Mr. & Mrs. Needles They have one son, a young man, Charles Needles. Dr. S. came to tea, Mrs. not able to be there - After tea we had a spiritual circle, but had no startling manifestations. at about 8 1/2 we left, Dr. S. took Mrs. Rose to our home & I accompanied Mr. Needles to the Maryland Institute to take a look at the people there assembled, at the Love grove Promenade Concert - Mr. L. is an aged fireman. this concert was given by the Firemen of the City for his benefit

April 5

Mrs. Rose gave her 2d lecture this evening, attendance somewhat larger than Monday evening.

April 6

I lectured this evening by in vitation from the Marion Tem perance Meeting Society of Baltimore, had a full house. The meeting was called to order by the

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President of the Society & opened by prayer by an old Methodist man. Who made the Stereotypeprayer of Stephen D. Foster's Slave holder - "O Lord we thank thee, that our lives have been cast in places & that we live in a land where every man can sit under his own vine & fig tree, & none dare to molest or make him afraid" Oh, how did my blood boil within me, & then to go on with my lecture & not protest against a mans telling the Lord such terrible falsehoods. Mrs. Rose was invited to speak after I had finished, she did so & alluded to the necessity of substituting healthful amusements, in the place of alcoholic stimulus. -

Several gentleman desired me to speak again on Temperance -

Received a letter from Lydia Mott, enclosing Mr. Angles report on the Woman's Rights Petitions. Reported adverse, but presented a Bill giving to married women,

[33] [April /54]

in case the husband does not provide for the family the right to their own earnings, also requiring the written consent of the mother, to apprentice or will away a child.

Apr. 7

Mrs. Rose gave her 3d lecture this evening, subject the Cause of all our social evils -

Wrote Mr. Channing yesterday, also a letter to the Libera tor, - To day, made my 4th circuit to the Printing offices of the City, 9 in number - to give notice of Mrs. Rose 4th Lecture to be at Maryland Institute on Sunday evening. Mr. Wheadon called with carriage & took us to the Temple. The meeting to night was about the same in number as the other evenings but very intelligent. 65 tickets sold.

Apr. 8

This is a delighful A. M., yesterday & day before, have been beautiful Spring days. This has been a week without rain

Went out to the Post Office found no letters, feel very

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