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known whether these Estates were included in it or not, am infinitely
obliged to your for the [care?] you have taken in the above affair & that of
M.r Livingstons & am fully convinced that nothing in your power will be
wanting to bring it to the best [illegible]. I duly rec.d you fav.r by M.r [Brinley?]
& message by M.r E Fitch & thank you for your kind present by the former
of a [source?] of spirit, it is [eatream?] good & hope to have it in my power to
make retatiation, a Journey this way would, not only be most acceptable
to your friends, but fancy would conduce much to the establishing your
Health & probably be of advantage to you Business, in which if I can be
any way serviceable you may with freedom command
M. Nathaniel Grant Your most abligd [illegible]

Mess.r Nicholas Brown & Co Boston Octo.r 17th 1765
I received your fav.r of 3.d Curr.tt note the Con-
tents, the 66 Boxes of [Sperma?] [Cete?] Candles [&?] M.r Dexter Brown are
delivered me in good order, but the Invoice you mention to be enclosd
is not, the Candles shall be disposd of as you direct when I have opp.y,
the person concernd in the money I mention to you in my last is not
got here yet, when he comes will determine whether you can have
the Sum you wrote for or not, he is [lookd?] for every day.
Inclosd you have Dexter Browns receipt for the Bagg of Cotton
you orderd Cost as at [fool?] [pound sign]18.17. 2/2 money & is as cheap as it coud be
Bought, hope it will suit, I am
Your most hum.l Serv.
1 Bagg Cotton wool [w.t?] 184 [illegible] 4 [pound sign] 18.8
Commission a 2/2 [&?] C. q. 2/2
[pound sign]18.17. 2/2

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