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M. Samuel Bonne 187 Boston Octo.r 7th 1765
I duly rec.d yours of 30th Sep.r [&?] agreeable to your request calls
on Eliphalet Fitch [&?] informd him of your having three Bills to the amount
of [pound sign]1040 drawn by John Watts of Pensicola on [Roberb?] Lake commissary
endorsd by his Brother Joseph Fitch to John M.c Lare of Marylanf under
[Notateon?] for non acceptance [&?] proposd to him his taking them up here, in
answer says he is not provided, but as there is a probability of their being [p:d?]
desires if it can be done with safety that you would pospone sending them to
Jamaica till you have opportunity of knowing whether they will be paid
or not. I am with tender of my best services
Yours to Command
Price Curr.tt B: Sugars [pound sign]10 a [pound sign]1[6?] q
Flour [pound sign]5.10 Scarce & in demand
Wheat 30/ a 31/3 Powder d.o [pound sign]14.a [pound sign]20

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