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Wednesday, November 27, 1918

Wednesday, November 27, 1918

A good day. Ben sawed some wood for Marvin. Broke his saw and could not finish.

Josie done a big washing. I got dinner. Mrs Carr heard to day that Max Carr is at Mr Powers to night and will leave tomorrow morning.

I went to Carries this evening. Janie Gravley is here tonight.

Heard that Effie Brumfield went from school sick today. Hope she may be well by tomorrow.

9 oclock

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Tuesday, January  7, 1919

Tuesday, January 7, 1919

A clear colde day

Ben worked on Owens house most of the day. Josie done a big washin. I staid with the children and got dinner this evening. Ben and Josie went to Jim Powers Rufus and Max Car is visiting their mother

Miss Snead left Lee Brumfields to day. Charley Hutcherson carried her to Gretna. That is what Lee tolde Josie over the phone

8 30 oclock

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Monday, March 10, 1919

Monday, March 10, 1919

A good day. The men folks cut wood until twelve. Ben carried Josie to Long Island this evening, Her mother met her and they started for W Virginia Max Carr was going with them part of the way. Edna & Franklin went to Marvins this evening. I went and come with them back.

Henry went to school.

Ben says that the roads is very bad. Johnson and Christinia Reynols come from Norfork this evening. Reubin met them at the Island

9 30 oclock

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