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Sun., Jan. 14, 1923

"Josie" was Uncle Ben Brumfield's first wife. Mrs. Carr was Aunt Josie's mother.

Jan. 23

"Mrs. Cook" was sister to K. Johnson Reynolds.

Jan. 28

"Alice Thompson died last night . . . ."


May you treasure this little 1923 diary written by Grandmother Julia Brumfield as much as I do.


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Monday, January  1, 1923

Monday, January 1, 1923

A good day. We eat three meals to day. Ben commenced to strip tobacco this morning. Henry went hunting & to the store this morning.

Mrs Car did not eat any breakfast this morning.

Josie is very bad off.

The children are at the dining room trying to play the fiddle & banjo.

I have bein very busy to day no one to help me except what Edna does. She brought all the water for tonight and wiped the dishes for me.

Well I have commenced in my new book and hope I may live to finis[h] it.

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