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Monday May  2, 1921

Monday May 2, 1921

A cloudy cool day. Ben sawed wood at Marvins. Jim worked on his tobacco ground. Josie wet a lot of gingham this morning and ironed it this evening. I went to Mags this evening. Mr Padget even taken me and gave me a ride. I was glad of it. Found all well at Mags. I come by Renan. Hubbard was plowing. Kate Hubbard was freezing cream. I then come by Reynols's. There was no one at home but Julia and children the rest of them was gone to Danville. Kate Harvey went with them. I come by Mr Farthings. Mrs Farthing has nice little girl a week olde. Her name is Elsie May. They had a lot of company. I then come by Marvins and then home. Josie had supper a bout ready.

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Tuesday, May 23, 1922

Tuesday, May 23, 1922

A good day. Jim + Ben worked on their Tobacco land. Henry + Edna went to School. I got Dinner. Tommie washed dishes after Dinner. Mrs Kent come she brought us some nice cabbage she wanted to swap some eggs. Isla + Cordie Blair come to See us this evening. I was glad they came. Mabel has bin good today for her to be. Fannie made Mabel a Dress to day a pink gingham she is proud of it. After supper to night Mrs Cor + Ella Hubbard + Ron Hubbard come to see Posie. I am glad that they came to see her

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Thursday, September 27, 1923

Thursday, September 27, 1923

A good day. We all stayed at home except the children. They went to school. Marvin helped Mr. Pickenel cut tobacco and moved some tobacco. Reese carried me to Gretna this morning before he went to school. I bought some gingham. Carrie made me three aprons and a pettie coat. I am proud of them. Some of the children have very bad colds. I helped Carrie what I could today. Gathered some butter beans and shelled them.

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