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Tuesday, September 24, 1918

Tuesday, September 24, 1918

A good day. Denia and I spent the day at Jo Towlers. They were all well.

We tried to come by the grave yard. I had for got where it was so we did not find it.

Got back to Letchers alright. All well to night at Letchers.

Would like to know how all was at home.

Do hope they are all well.

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Thursday, September 26, 1918

Thursday, September 26, 1918

A good morning. Rain this evening.

Denia and I staid at Letchers until dinner then went to see John Craddocks sister. Mary Towler went with us. Found them well.

While we were there it rained. When we started home the creek was up so that we could not cross where we did when we went over there so we crossed on a fence and crossed two branches on poles and rails. None of us fell or got wet. We come by the grave yard and got to Letchers OK.

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Monday, January 20, 1919

Monday, January 20, 1919

A good day. Ben & Jim worked on Owens house. Lizzie and Earl Bennett went from here this morning. I hope that they got home without an accident. The roads is very bad. I helped Mr. Owen strip tobacco. We stripped all that they had in the pit and filled it up again. I went to Marvins a few minutes this evening. Kate Harvey was there. We came back by the grave yard. Eva had fallen out of her box and hurt herself right bad.

Josie staid at the house and got dinner.

Tonight Mr. Owen is here and they played cards.

9 o'clock

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Sunday January  2, 1921

Sunday January 2, 1921

A good day. Ben and family staid at home all day. Some of them was workin the tipewriter about all the time. I got dinner then went to Marvins. They were eating dinner. They had bin to preaching at Strait Stone. Carrie and I walked over to Mr Hutchersons.

Mr & Mrs Hutcherson was not at home. We saw Willie Hutcherson & Frank Blair. Went to the grave yard then come home.

We have looked for Jim Brumfield all the evening but he has not come yet.

Ben Josie and the children are at the dining room eating a snack.

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Monday, April 23, 1923

Monday, April 23, 1923

A very windy daty. The men worked on their land all day Ben tried to burn the honey suck in the grave yard. Did not burn well. The children went to school. Lelia come here a little while this morning. Hatie washed today. The wind blowed the clothes all about. They soon got dry. I have bin busy all day.Worked the button holes in Henrys shirts milked the cows twice churned once cooked breafast dinner and supper. Washed dishes tonight.

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