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Monday, August  5, 1918

Monday, August 5, 1918

A good day and very warm. Ben and Paul suckered tobacco. Josie got dinner. I do[d]ged a round as usual.

This evening we went to Marvins. Kate Harvey come here and then to Marvins.

Marvin had water mellons the first I have seen this year. Josie come by the corn field and got snaps. I got a basket of tomatoes.

Heard this morning that Julia Fergerson has a daughter born the 4th.

Josie and I wrote to Thelma and Mary.

9 30 oclock

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Sunday, March  9, 1919

Sunday, March 9, 1919

Cloudy this morning. Clear this evening. We all staid at home until dinner then Ben went to Mr Dews to try to run his new car.

Jim went to Marvins Wren Worsham & some of the children come to Marvins.

Doris and Emit & Aubrey Brumfield & Floyd Reynols was here a while today.

We heard today that Ola Jeferson has a daughter

9 oclock

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Monday, March 31, 1919

Monday, March 31, 1919

A colde windy day.

Jim plowed all day. Ben helped Jim Emerson work on his car all day. Mrs Owen is sick. Mr Owen did not work to day. Heard tonight that Dr Owens baby has croup. Hope she may soon get well.

I went to Carries this evening. They were all well. Marvin was workin in his garden. He is good hand in a garden.

Henry & Edna went to school today. To night Edna put her stockins on some wood by the fire and they cough afire and burnt the feet off.

9:30 oclock

Heard to day that Lucius Gravelys wife has a daughter.

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Monday, March 13, 1922

Monday, March 13, 1922

A good day. Ben & Jim put on the plantbed canvas today. Lee & Oscar come here today to see a bout buying some feed. They eat dinner with us. Miss Willie Wooding come this evening & Ila & Cordie Blair and Nettie Hendricks and her little baby. The baby is a beauty. I think Josie made a bed quilt lineing and put a quilt in the frames today and we quilted more than half of it. Cordie & Isla & Miss Willie all quilted some. Edna has bin sick today. She could not go to school.

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Tuesday, June 27, 1922

Tuesday, June 27, 1922

A good morning. Rained a shower at twelve oclock. It is raining tonight. The men plowed in the tobacco all day. Isla Blair come today and brought Josie some light bread. Mr. and Mrs. [Tower?] & [Edieth?] come. Mrs. Owen come and Mr. [Jennings?] the preacher come. Kate Harvey & [Carrie?] and Reese the other children was at [?] Brumfields. We gathered some peaches and Mrs. [?] made preserves'of them. I heard today that my brother is sick. I do hope he may get well. I am so anxious to hear a gain.

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Friday, June 30, 1922

Friday, June 30, 1922

A good day. Jim & Henry plowed some. Ben helped Mr. Hutchenson [?] wheat. Nellie save some. Josie has had a bad day. I got a card from Alma telling [??] of [L?] sickness. I hope he may get well. Mrs. Trent and I got dinner. I churned some beets today and got the onions out of the ground. Mollie [Reynols?] went to see Martha Miller today. Found her had off. [Christina?] [Reynols?] come here a hill this evening. [Edieth?] & Edna went to [R?] this morning.

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Saturday, July  1, 1922

Saturday, July 1, 1922

A good day very warm. The boys plowed all day. We need rain. Josie has bin better today. Mrs. Trent and I got dinner. She churned. Got word today that Effie & two children will come here tomorrow. Hattie washed some this morning. The bees swarmed today. I hived them. I got a [?] of beef from Mrs. [?] W. [?] today. Reuben brought it from Harveys. Edieth [?] went and got it from [?]

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Sunday, July  2, 1922

Sunday, July 2, 1922

A good day. Jim & Nellie went to see Ned Walker this evening. They went on a buggy. Ben went for Mrs. Car. She was at [?] Mrs. Trent & I got dinner by 10 oclock. We thought that Carrie & Effie was coming for dinner. The come this evening. Willie & Effie and two children [?] & family [?] Mollie all was here & Jim Lizzie and Alma & Gordon & [Shirly?]. [?] Fannie [?] [?] come for Edieth. [?] late this evening. I hope they got home safe & sound.

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