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Sunday, June 23, 1918

Sunday, June 23, 1918

A cool day for this time of the year. Ben and Josie and Paul Bennett went to Strait Stone to preaching.

Henry and I staid at home. Gladis and Hugh Brumfield come. Kate and Irvin Harvey come. They were here for dinner I was glad that Kate come. She had not bin here in a long time be fore.

I went to Willie Mayhews to an ice cream party. The cream was fine I did enjoy it so much. I come home on Mr Bob Starkeys car was glad of the ride. Heard that Nannie Reynolds has a girl born to day.

9 30 oclock

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Friday, April 18, 1919

Friday, April 18, 1919

A cool day. Ben sawed wood for Marvin this morning and shucked corn this evening. Marvin & William helped them. They finished getting up the corn & hauled the stalks and cut them up then cut down the cickamore tree. Jim bought some meal from John Hutcherson and a peice of meat from George Hutcherson.

Josie got dinner & starched the clothes.

This evening Cordie and Nettie Blair and Ada Hutcherson come and Beatriss Owen and several children. Three of Willie Mayhews & Gladis Owen. I went to Marvins a little while this evening. Carrie was makeing Eva a dress. Marvin went to Renan this evening.

10 oclock

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Monday, September  1, 1919

Monday, September 1, 1919

A good day. Ben & Owen moved tobacco all the morning. This evening they pulled leaves in Bens tobacco. Tonight they will stay with Owens tobacco. Jim has bin at the barns all day.

Josie sewed some this morning. This evening she went to Marvins. Today is Paul Smiths birthday. He is seven years olde.

This evening I went to George Blairs. Isla & Cordie was at home. Denia was at Ren Worshams. Beatris & Gladis Owen was there. The girls gave us some peaches & mellons. They were as nice to us as they could be.

Marvin was stripping tobacco but it dried out so he quit. Ben & Marvin has gone to Strait Stone to night.

10 oclock

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Friday July 22, 1921

Friday July 22, 1921

A good day. Ben & Henry worked on tobacco until twelve oclock. This evening Ben went to the mill with some wheat. Come by Edwards and got a load of lumber.

Reese drove Bens car & carried Josie and all the children and I to White Falls. We did not catch but a few fish.

Marvin & Jim went to look at some land near Gladys, Virginia. Carrie went to see Julia Fergerson & baby. I want to see them two.

I set a hen today.

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Monday, April  3, 1922

Monday, April 3, 1922

A good day. Ben sowed clover seed. Jim got rock off the new ground. Josie got dinner. She cut salit and stewed peaches. I put a quilt in the frames. We both quilted this evening. We both milked tonight. I milked the cow that kickes so some times. Hattie washed the clothes dried and we took them in. Gladice Brumfield come with the children from school. Franklin Brumfield and Alvin Mayhew stoped at Mr Booker and stayed an hour or more this evening.

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Sunday, April  9, 1922

Sunday, April 9, 1922

A good day. Cloudy but no rain. We all staid at home all day. Jim and Ben worked some in their fancy gardens. I got most of the dinner. Josie cleaned up the house and she made the bread for dinner. Jim Thomson & family come to see us. And Marvin & family all in the evening. I was glad to see them all. Doris & Jamie & Gladice Brumfield & Christina Reynols come a little while. They did not come in the house. They played with the children while they staid.

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Tuesday, June  6, 1922

Tuesday, June 6, 1922

A good morning rain this evening. Mrs. Lewis & [Ansel] come this morning. Mr. Tower & wife and Raymond come this morning and Nellie & Evylin Brumsfield and Mr. & Mrs. Gyer & Baly. We had dinner enough for all and I was glad that we did. Denny & George Blair come a few minutes. They brought us some light bread & some soap. I was glad of it. Christenia Reynolds & Gladis Brumfield come for cherries. Gladis brought some peas. Miss Ada Hutchenson brought some cabbage & some peas. I am glad of every thing that is gave to me.

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Wednesday, July 12, 1922

Wednesday, July 12, 1922

A good day - very warm. Ben & Jim finished plowing the peas. Ben went to Mr Bailisses. There was a picknick at [Gladys?] to day. There was lots of people there so them that was there say. Hugh Brumfield carried Henry and I to the mill at Whitefalls. We did not catch many fish [mollies?]. Reynolds & [Johnson?] come to see Josie this evening. Hattie Gilbert washed here to day.

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Sunday, October  1, 1922

Sunday, October 1, 1922

A beautiful day. Jim and Ben staid at home all day. Lizzie was here. she helped me get dinner. We cooked Turnip salit and a chicken. We had a nice cake. Today was Mabel's Birth day. She is three years olde. This evening Ben & Elsie East & Gladis Brumfield come a few minutes. Tim Bennett & Gordon & [Chesley?] Bennett & a Mr Hedrick come by for Lizzie. I did hate for her to go home as we have not got any body to help to do the work here now.

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Friday, November 17, 1922

Friday, November 17, 1922

A good day. The boys hauled up stalks and corn. Very glad they have got as much as they have. Nellie sewed some. She washed the dishes and fixed the milk ready to churn. Fannie ironed. I got dinner. We had cabbage. They were a rarity. Josie has suffered a lot today. Mrs Lewis sent her some nice fruit this evening. The people send her some thing nearly every day. Fannie has started to [?] Gladis to a school entertainment. George Blair come for her. I want to see all of my children so bad but cant.

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Thursday, December 20, 1923

Thursday, December 20, 1923

A rainy morning. The men folks did not do any thing of any account until evening. They picked up some corn and put it in sacks. The children went to school. There is a play over there tonight. Ben and the children has gone all but Mabel. She is a bed and a sleep. Edna eat supper at John Hutcherson's tonight. [E]Ula Mayhew and Gladis Owen was there two. I wrote to Kate Harvey. Wrote part of one to Carrie Smith. Nat passed so early that I did not get it in the mail. Jim sent a box of turnip greens to Ruben's today.

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