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Wednesday, June 12, 1918

Clear most of the day a sprinkle of rain this evening. The men finished workin over their tobacco to day and cut some wheat.

Josie and [I] washed to day and then got dinner.

Josie and I and the children went to Marvins this evening. Ben and Josie and Paul Bennett went to Mount Airy to night to an ice cream supper.

Nat Woodings car broke down to day he was at Mr Edmons. Ben let him have his to make his round on. He brought it back be fore night.

10 oclock

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Friday, October 4, 1918

A good day. Ben and Owen cut corn and the children helped some. Josie ironed and baked a cake. I went to White Falls. Grace went with me. We drove Prince. We caught several fish. Stopped at Mount Airy a while. Kate thinks I am awful a bout going fishing. I know it is foolish but I cant help but want to go.

I try to pay for all my trouble. I work all I am able and not all for my self. I try to not disgrace them in any way but I know that some of the children are ashamed of me.

10 oclock

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Saturday January 22, 1921

A beautiful day. Ben helped Mr Owen strip tobacco. Henry brought water and Josie and washed some. Josie fixed dinner. Henry went to Mount Airy. He rode Prince. The roads is so bad that a car hardly can go. I do hope that they soon will be better.

Josie baked a cake this evening. Carrie come a few minutes this evening. I am allways glad when she comes. Wish she could stay longer. I have nine little chickens.

They had a dance at Lee Brumfields last night.

I have not heard from Mr. Edmons today. Hope she is better. Josie is having a time batheing the children tonight.

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Saturday February 26, 1921

A colde and partly cloudy day. Ben cut and hauled some wood. Henry helped some. Henry went to Mount Airy. He rode Prince.

Josie washed this morning. This evening Carrie and the children come. Josie and Carrie made some candy. They made peanut and walnut candy. It was very nice and good. Heard today that Mr Doss was killed this morning. Blown up by a lighting tank at Mr Irbys.

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Tuesday May 10, 1921

A beautiful day. Jim and Ben tobacco land all day. Josie and I washed this morning. Josie got dinner this evening.

Mrs Car and I and Edna and Reese Smith went to White Falls. Mrs Car and I fished a little. By the kindness of Marvin and Carrie I got to go. They are very good to me. Mrs Car and I stoped at Mount Airy and Renan. I paid up for the phone this evening.

Edna has come to go to bed.

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Wednesday June 1, 1921

A good day. The boys worked in their tobacco all day. Josie sewed some this morning. This evening she starched the clothes and ironed most of them.

I went with Carrie and the children to White Falls. They carried corn. The miller could not grind it but swaped meal for the corn. We fished some. Caught some fish. Stopped at Mount Airy and at Renan. Johnson & Mollie went to Chatham. They carried Mildred Fergerson with them.

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Friday September 30, 1921

A good day. Some clouds but no rain here. Jim & Henry moved some tobacco. Ben went to the saw mill. Carried two logs one this morning and one this evening.

I ironed some this morning. Josie got dinner and ironed this evening.

Reese and Roy and I went to White Falls. Did not catch many fish. Paul Smith stuck a nail in his foot today. I hope it wont hurt him long.

Reese & I stoped at Mt Airy and at Renan. We bought a few things at both places.

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Saturday October 22, 1921

A bright day. Not a cloud in sight. Jim stripped tobacco. Ben shelled some corn. Josie is very much complaining with her jaw. I know she suffers with it.

This evening Ben & Henry went to the mill. Henry drove the team as far as Mount Airy. Reese carried me to White Fall on Bens car. I did not catch any fish. Ben did not get his grain ground. I went by Marvins this evening. Carrie was looking better than she did yesterday. I hope that Josie & Carrie may be well soon.

Well my birth day has bin a disapointment. I had hoped to catch some fish and I think Josie felt so bad that she freted with me all day. Reese gave me a little sack of candy for my birthday. John & Edwin and Christenia is here. Christenia is sick to night. I am so sorry. I hope to see some more birth days but I may not. I am 75.

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Tuesday, April 27, 1920

A cloudy day & rain. The men folks did not do much. Ben worked on his car some. Ben & Jim & Marvin & Owen went to Mount Airy. Charles Harvey come down here and got the iron wedges. Josie sewed some. I got dinner. Josie went to the plant bed and got salit for dinner. I went to Marvins a few minutes. We paid Irvin Lewis what we owed him today. 9 oclock

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Wednesday, May 26, 1920

A cloudy day and a little rain. The boys finished planting Bens tobacco this morning. Ben went to Mount Airy this morning. Grace & Effie Brumfield come and eat dinner with us. They walked. Ben carried them home. He bought a hay stack from Ollie Kellie. He is to pay $40.00 for it. Josie baked a cake. We killed two chickens for dinner. Carrie & the children come a little while. Marvin got a new car to day and I am glad. Jim planted some white beans this evening.

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Sunday, June 13, 1920

A good day. Jim staid at home all day. Ben went to Mount Airy to get ice. Did not get any. Come by Renan & brought Kate Harvey home with him. He had all the children with him. He then went to Strait Stone and got ice. Josie made cream for dinner. We had our first snaps and beets. We had fried chicken. Marvin and family was here a few minutes this evening. Reese Smith carried Aunt Kate home. Henry too. 9 oclock

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Tuesday, June 22, 1920

A good day. The men thined corn and then cut wheat. Franklin has bin very sick all day. I do hope he will be better by morning. Two of the Hubbard girls washed for Josie today. I got dinner. Reese carried me to White Falls. The river was so muddy that we could no fish and catch any thing. We come by Mount Airy and bough a few things. 9 oclock

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Monday, October 4, 1920

4 day cutting

A good day. Jim and Ben finished cutting corn and shockin it. This evening Ben went to Gretna. I went with him to White Falls. Caught 19 fish. We were at Mount Airy at dark. Got home OK and Ben has gone hunting. Josie got dinner. I picked some peas. Bettie Haley washed here today. Josie went to Marvins this evening. Owen solde tobacco in Boston to day.

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Saturday, December 4, 1920

A cloudy day. Ben & Jim sawed wood this morning then Ben carried Mrs Car home. Come back and carried me to Mount Airy then they carried the disk home to Reynols then put the engine under shelter. Jim cleaned the hog pens and put down the seat box and made him a box to put his meat in when they kill hogs. Josie has bin like Josie of olde today. I am uneasy, so afraid she will do something that will hurt her. She has the baby tonight. Marvin and family went to church this evening. Ben bought Henry a pair of shoes to day. [?] rubber boots.

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Monday, December 6, 1920

A good day. The boys killed hogs. Jim had two to kill, Ben 4. We got up at four oclock. Marvin and Owen and William Gilbert helped them. Bettie Haley helped me. Nellie & Viney a colored woman come at twelve oclock. They cut up the hogs and salted them up. Nellie got her sausage ground to night. Jim and Ben helped some. Heard to day that Lizzie write died last night. I had a letter from Mary Brumfield to day. Mollie Reynolds come this evening. Josie went with Ben to Mount Airy.

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Saturday, December 18, 1920

A clear cold day. Jim got some wood. Owen hoed [?] some corn. Ben & Jim [?] out some feed. Ben went to Chatham and I went with him. He carried some meat & beans for Nellie. We did not see Evylin. She and some girls had gone for hollie to decorate with. I had a good letter from Denia yesterday. She was at Earnest Craddocks. Lottie has a new boy baby. Today is Hazel Smiths birth day. I did not go in a store at Chatham. We stoped at Gretna a few minutes. Josie got dinner and supper. She had supper a bout ready when we got home. The roads is awful in some places from Gretna to Chatham. Henry went to Strait Stone and Mount Airy to day.

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Tuesday, December 21, 1920

A good day. Ben & Jim shucked corn. This morning Ben & Josie went to Mount Airy. They got home at twelve. Jim & Ben and Marvin & William cut feed all the evening for Ben & Marvin. I ironed some & got dinner. Late in the day I went to Marvins. Carrie was baking her fruit cake. It looked good. Henry went to school. Edna has a very bad colde. The baby cried most of the evening. I spilt my ink.

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Friday, April 14, 1922

A good day. Jim plowed and Ben ditched on the Spring Branch. The school children come home at twelve oclock. Josie got dinner. I sewed on my quilt. I finished it. This evening Josie and Ben went to [Mount Airy] this evening. I washed up the dinner dishes while they were gone. Franklin is sick yet. Henry has gone to George Blains to go gigin. This is first trip of that sort. I hope that nothing wont happen to him. I am worried about things in spite of knowing I should be thankful that things is no worse.

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Monday, April 17, 1922

A cloudy cool day. Jim plowed all day. Ben cleaned up the branch in the morning. Henry and Edna went to school. Come home at noon & Ben and Josie and all of the children went to Mount Airy to a spelling bee. I staid at home a while. Norman Booker & family went to Level Run and to Jim Bookers fish trap. They had a fish fry. It was very nice much better than I expected. There was a crood there and all seemed to enjoy the sport. Norman Bookers horse got cut in the wire fence yesterday. I do so much thank them for taking me with them.

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Tuesday, July 31, 1923

A heavy rain last night. Cloudy all day. Rain again tonight. We want it to quit raining now as bad as we wanted it to rain. Jim and Ben and John Ward and Henry worked on the bridge over the branch most of the day. Jim and Henry went to Mount Airy for lumber to make the bridge. They carried a log to Starkeys mill. They got wet before they got home. Alma come from George Blains today. She said that they had commenced on the new school house. Henry tried to milk tonight. I hope he may learn. Edna can milk ok.

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