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Friday October 28, 1921

A good day. Cloudy in the morning but no rain and we need rain so bad. Jim stripped tobacco all day. Ben shelled some corn & went to the mill. He got his grain ground.

I done all of the feeding of chickens and cows & opossomes. Helped get dinner. Josie made some candy for the school entertainment. Alcie Callands washed for Josie today. She is a good hand. I went to Marvins a few minutes

Jim & Ben went to Willie Mayhews for a hog that Ben bought from Mayhew.

I hope he may have good luck with her. There was to be speaking at the school house tonight. Our folks did not go.

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Tuesday November 1, 1921

A cloudy day. No rain today. The land is good we for the first time in a bout five months.

The boys stripped tobacco. They finished a cureing for Jim.

Ben has bin complaining all day of head ache.

Marvin went to Gretna with tobacco. It solde very well. The children went to school. I killed and dressed an opossome. The first one that I ever killed.

Josie helped move a cureing of tobacco. Mrs Car shelled peas. We sent to Otho Blairs and got two pounds of butter. Paid 35 cts a pound. That is the first that we have bought this year.

This writing was done at three oclock Nov the 2nd. I forgot to write last night.

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Wednesday November 2, 1921

A good day. Jim went to Gretna with tobacco. Solde well for what it was. Marvin went to Gretna today with tobacco. Did not sell so well. Josie worked all day fixin for company. She cooked a posome for supper.

I went to see Earl Bennett & Lizzie Anderson married. I think they had a nice wedding. Gorden & Lizzie and Frances come by here for me & brought me home. I certainly did thank them for the rememberance.

Ben went to Charlotsville with Edna and had a wart cut off of her mouth.

Willie Mayhew & wife come and eat supper with us. Mr Gambol eat supper with us. John come to night.

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Thursday November 3, 1921

A good day. Cloudy this morning. No rain. Mr Gambol and John Brumfield went from here this morning. John carried the team and waggon & Edwin brought them home tonight. Ben & Jim killed a calf this morning. Jim killed an opossome this evening. He intends to take it to Chatham tomorrow. Josie ironed this morning. She went to Blairs this evening to see Lottie & Nettie and they had both gone home. She had a good visit any way. I went to Marvins a few minutes this evening. Mrs Car staid with Edna & Mabel.

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