Tuesday November 1, 1921




A cloudy day. No rain today.
The land is good we for the
first time in a bout five months.

The boys stripped tobacco. They
finished a cureing for Jim.

Ben has bin complaining
all day of head ache.

Marvin went to Gretna with
tobacco. It solde very well.
The children went to school.
I killed and dressed an
opossome. The first one that
I ever killed.

Josie helped move a cureing
of tobacco. Mrs Car shelled
peas. We sent to Otho
Blairs and got two pounds
of butter. Paid 35 cts a
pound. That is the first that
we have bought this year.

This writing was done at
three oclock Nov the 2nd. I forgot
to write last night.

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Ben W. Brumfield

The possum mystery is solved! They're definitely fattening possums up to eat.