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Saturday, March 15, 1919

Saturday, March 15, 1919

Cloudy all day & rain tonight. The men folks shucked some corn this morning & hauled up the stalks this evening.

Ben & Jim went to the Island. Jim went on to Chatham. Ben went to meet Josie. He phoned home that she had not come to Cedar Forest. He is down there somewhere now. Henry went to Marvins this evening. He come home & got in the wood for to night.

We fed the horses & cows & pigs and calves & chickens & dogs. Edna & Franklin has bad colds tonight and I am very sorry a bout it. Denia come to see me this evening. I was glad that she come but was sorry to see [her]go home in the rain.

I am so afraid that something bad has happened to Mrs Car or Josie or both.

9 oclock

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Sunday, October 12, 1919

Sunday, October 12, 1919

A cloudy day and rain tonight. It is badly needed.

We all staid at home all day. Lee & Grace Brumfield come and spent the day with us. I was glad to have them.

Henry caught a rabbit in his trap this morning and the dogs caught one this evening.

I have not seen any of Marvins people today.

Jim is going to write to John tonight.

8:25 oclock

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Saturday April  2, 1921

Saturday April 2, 1921

A beautiful day. A big frost this morning. Jim and Ben hauled stalks this morning. Ben went with Marvin after a hound They went to Altavista. Josie staid here and ironed and got dinner and supper.

Edna and Franklin went to Mr Mayhews to play with the children. Henry and I went to White Falls. Henry caught 4 fish. I one. We come back by Renan. Stoped at Kate Harveys a little while. Went to the store. Hubbard was not there. Mollie Reynols and Christenia was there. Mollie said she intended to go to Portsmoth tonight to see Julia. Josie dressed a spring chicken to send to Julia. Love to all the children & grand children.

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