Saturday, March 15, 1919




Cloudy all day & rain
tonight. The men folks shucked
some corn
this morning & hauled
up the stalks this evening.

Ben & Jim went to the
. Jim went on to Chatham.
Ben went to meet Josie.
He phoned home that she had
not come to Cedar Forest.
He is down there somewhere
now. Henry went to Marvins
this evening. He come home &
got in the wood for to night.

We fed the horses & cows & pigs
and calves & chickens & dogs.
Edna & Franklin has bad colds
tonight and I am very sorry a
bout it. Denia come to see me
this evening. I was glad that
she come but was sorry to see
[her]go home in the rain.

I am so afraid that something
bad has happened to Mrs Car
or Josie or both.

9 oclock

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