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Thursday, September  5, 1918

Thursday, September 5, 1918

A good day. Just at dark it rained a shower. It was badly needed. The men folks got out at three oclock this morning and moved some tobacco and cut some this evening. Josie and [I] helped them some this evening. We picked some beans this morning.

This evening Cordie and Nettie Blair and Lizzie Anderson come. Kate and Virginia Harvey come. Virginia wants to learn to knit and knit a sweater.

9 30 oclock

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Tuesday, October  1, 1918

Tuesday, October 1, 1918

A good day. We all stripped tobacco half of the day. Josie put new straw in some of the bed ticks and picked some pears. I went to George Blairs found all of the girls sick not in bed but should have bin. Mrs Anderson and Lizzie was there.

Mrs Anderson commenced a sweater for her boy Asa.

Ben and Owen helped Marvin strip tobacco this evening.

8 oclock

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Friday, November 22, 1918

Friday, November 22, 1918

Colde and cloudy.

Ben went to Gretna with a load of tobacco for Paul and him self and a little for Irvin Harvey. It all sold reasonably well. Josie sewed. I got a snack for dinner.

This evening I mended my sweater. Miss Janie and Mrs Gravley come in a few minutes on their way from school. Mr Layne come this morning to try to get his calf home. He could not manage him and he is here yet. Ben got home from Gretna about sundown.

I watered and fed some of the hogs be fore he got home.

8 o clock

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Thursday, November 27, 1919

Thursday, November 27, 1919

A beautiful warm morning. I would of given either of the boys five dollars to have taken me where I could of fished some but did not say a word about it. I was afraid they would deny me & belitle me for being so foolish and it hurts so bad to be denied. In the place of fishing I got dinner and helped to clean the yard and draped and covered two rows of onions and went to Carries a few minutes.

Jim & Ben finished diggin Irish potatoes and put them in kiln in the garden. Fixed the land to plant onions.

Then hauled some stalks to feed the cows. To night Ben & Josie went to Renan. I stayed with the children. Josie got a package from the island to day. She gave me a nice sweater. I am glad of it. I am so near a sleep that I cant hardely write.

9 oclock

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Wednesday, December 24, 1919

Wednesday, December 24, 1919

A good day. Colde tonight. Ben & I went to Strait Stone and bought several things. Mr Sam Owen went to the mill. Carried some corn for us.

Josie baked some cakes. Give William Gilbert one.

Ren & Ethel Worsham sent me a nice sweater for a Xmas gift. Josie and I had a card from Irene Dyer. This evening I had one from Julia Fergerson. Guess she is at her fathers tonight.

Henry killed two ducks today and I dressed them.

I don't think that Henry can go to sleep tonight for wanting to know what Santy will bring.

Well I may never see another Xmas. We have bin well all the year. Have not missed a night waiting on account of sickness.

8:30 oclock

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