Thursday, November 27, 1919




A beautiful warm morning.
I would of given either of the
boys five dollars to have taken
me where I could of fished some
but did not say a word about
it. I was afraid they would deny
me & belitle me for being so foolish
and it hurts so bad to be denied.
In the place of fishing I got dinner
and helped to clean the yard
and draped and covered two rows
of onions and went to Carries
a few minutes.

Jim & Ben finished
diggin Irish potatoes and put them
in kiln in the garden. Fixed the
land to plant onions.

Then hauled some stalks to feed
the cows. To night Ben & Josie
went to Renan. I stayed with
the children. Josie got a package
from the island to day. She gave
me a nice sweater. I am glad of
it. I am so near a sleep that I
cant hardely write.

9 oclock

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